Entry #3

Recent Video about Clickbait

2015-11-09 14:44:44 by ApexxWolf

Firstly, I just want to say thanks for the overwelmingly positive feedback on my most recent posted video. 

After working on it for a while, I was wondering if it was actually good or not, but hearing people's comments and the high ratings, reinforced that maybe it wasn't as bad as I was thinking xD 

I'm definitely planning to make more social commentary type videos for the future seeing as people liked them.

Thanks again, ApexxWolf 


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2015-11-11 11:08:03

You said what people were thinking and experiencing today on the internet..most stuff is shit and boring. The way you presented it is the way most react to this crap they bait you for...excellent. your accent is British? if it is 20 stars I have family in Wales/Chester so win/win for you ..LOL

ApexxWolf responds:

Heyyy Thanks for the comment :D

Mindless clickbait content does seem to be getting more and more popular nowadays which is slightly worrying :/

Any way, thanks again for the positive feedback and yes, I am British :D


2015-11-14 09:47:07


ApexxWolf responds:

Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhkaayyyyyyyyyyy O_O


2015-11-14 14:38:15

Good job dude, I like where this video is taking you

(Updated ) ApexxWolf responds:

Hey, Thanks! I appreciate it! :D

Also, I think I've seen some of your stuff before over Youtube :)


2015-11-18 20:42:03

It was a great video man, you had nothing to worry about! Looking forward to seeing more of these types of videos from you, or whatever other content you decide to put out :3

ApexxWolf responds:

You're too kind, I honestly appreciate the support, thanks! :D


2016-05-18 17:52:56

I really liked the Clickbait video and the one about "Stealing YouTube Videos". You have a great talent and a pretty enjoyable voice too! :D
I can not wait to see more of these videos in the future, keep up the good work! ;)

ApexxWolf responds:

You're too kind! Thank you very much :D